weihanchtliches Variojo in rot und weiß

X-mas decoration with Variojo – 30% discount

You never made your autumn or christmas decoration that fast! A small Variojos at your Christmas tree – larger decoration in the room and or on the festive table. Wrap your own Christmas Variojo and design your unique Christmas decoration! And last but not least, a large Variojo star at […]

Art Clay Silver 950 – nearly sterling silver

Aida Japan is launching a new modeling clay on the market these days. The new Art Clay Silver 950 clay is more stable and harder than the type Clay 650 and 800 series. This is achieved by a higher copper content in the mass. This consists of 90% silver / […]

Prometheus Sunny Bronze Produkte im Überblick

Brand new: Prometheus Sunny Bronze

golden era now in bronze There is a new Sunny Bronze from Prometheus. The great golden colored bronze is quite easy to fire in one step as normal “brown” bronze” or as white bronze in two steps in the kiln with activated carbon. These are the new advantages at a […]

10 years Mobidai braiding system for Kumihimo

  AMBERG – SINZING: Exactly 10 years ago in January 2006, the patented Mobidai® system was launched on the creative shows in Munich and Frankfurt. Since this time more than 650 000 Mobidai® discs were sold and show the creativity of Roswitha Schwarz and her daughter Miriam Süß. The response […]

Wir feiern 10 Jahre Mobidai Flechten