Ka-Jinker stapling tool

Kumihimo: Butterfly with Ka-Jinker


Ka-Jinker is a stapling and embellishing tool which is used to simply and fast attach funny applications. Decorate cards, use Ka-Jinker for your scrapebooking or make an individual gift out of a scatter cushion in a few minutes. You also might to jazz up your favorite T-shirt or jeans with a few sparkling “Jems” for the next party.

You can use it to decorate your kumihimo or variojo, too. The butterfly on the picture her would not be that sparkling without Ka-Jinker jems..

Faceted jems (flowers, circles,stars,circles) and pearl flower jems in two sizes or felt theme sets give unique appearance to everything. The possibilities of selection and combination are huge. Brows through this department in our Akisashop to see all Ka-Jinker products!

And if one time you do not like it anymore – the Jems can be cut away in seconds without annoying adhesive residues or holes.


Quick Start Guide in pictures:

  1. lide the Ka-Jinker hook into the slot until the bottom snaps
  2. Prepare you Jem underground (your T-Shirt or so)
  3. Prick with the needle of the stapler through the hole of Jems and pad.
  4. Slowly pull the “trigger” of the stapler and support while hiding from behind. Let go until the Ka-Jinker hook is fully drawn.

preparation of ka_jinker ka-jinker_fertig ka-jinker_start

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