Kumihimo – japanese braiding

kumihimo braided


Kumihimo is the Japanese technique of braiding. This handwork is more than 2000 years old, but is becoming increasingly popular in Europe since a few years. Traditionally, this technique is used on various wooden braiding stands. Kumihimo has become a modern hobby in Germany since 2006 when the the patented Mobidai braid system with the Mobidai braid and matching pattern templates was introduced.

Today, the system consists of three different Mobidai brading discs with over 30 different pattern templates for different applications (for example, wide pattern with Mobidai XL Stretch) and different target groups (eg. the Mobidai SAN Basicset with large print for people with visual impairment).

For some time now also fans of bead chains see Kumihimo on the braid disc as an alternative to the crochet and threading of beads. This is – like very often – coming from the US.

The author Roswitha Schwarz already in 2009 picked it up and published a book on the subject of pearls braiding in kumihimo. In her most recent work, she shows the latest trends in this technique bead chains and pearl bracelets.

braiding material for Kumihimo

  • Silk is also the traditional material for Kumihimo in Japan. In the Akisashop we offer japanese genuine Kumihimo silk for the use on braiding discs. Can you imagine a more noble material?
  • More affordable and for everyday use: Our assortment of satin cord (rattail or xx cords) made of synthetic fiber is wonderful and available in three sizes and many shiny colours.
  • Do you prefer a matte, not glossy look? Then cotton cords or Alcantara might be the right material for you.
  • Animal fancies nowadays are related to the material Paracord. An already interwoven material with extreme tear strength. Even though probably no fan of Kumihimo needs the power of eight and more parachute ropes. For this the purpose this material was originally developed for.
  • For the braiding of bead chains, you need a completely different material. Because most beads are small and have a correspondingly small hole through which the braid must fit. Here we recommend our jewellery cord 0,5mm or our crochet yarn nylon.


accessories for Kumihimo

braided ropes can be used in many ways. That is why we offer you a wide range of jewellry accessories:

  • findings and magnetic closures in sizes between 2 and 14 mm
  • Wooden animal body (with holes for the cord)
  • click buggles of plastic in over 20 different colors
  • Closed rings or D-rings for animal collars and leashes


beads for Kumihimo

The trend of bead braiding in Germany is still something for real fans. But this fan base is getting bigger and bigger. We at Akisa OHG help you to make your own bead chains soon:

In Akisashop, you will find beads from the books “Perlen flechten in Kumihimotechnik”  and “Lieblingsstücke mit Kumihimo flechten”. We are constantly expanding our range of beads, which are suitable for Kumihimo. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all bead shapes, and some shapes can only be recommended to experienced bead braiders.