Metal Clay

What is Metal Clay ?

raw art clay silverMetal Clays are clays made from smallest particles of different kinds of precious metal, binding material and water. Metal Clays are formed like normal clay or polymer clays. In order to achieve their full strength and metal content, however, Metal Clays need to be fired in special kilns at temperatures between 650°C and approx. 1000°C. In our Akisashop we offer metal clays of gold, silver, bronze and copper of two different manufacturers. All of them are ready for modelling, no powder clay that must be mixed first with water or other liquids!

metal clays in the assortment of the Akisa OHG


ART CLAY metal clays are on the market since the middle of the 1990. The Japanese company Aida Chemical Industries, Co. , Ltd developed her clays as a recycling product from the precious metals silver and gold (today also cooper).

Today Art Clay offers three different types of Art Clay Silver:

  1. Art Clay 650 Silver–  clay, syringe and paste of fine silver. Real precious stones can be processed with the silver mass as well as glass, porcelain, and synthetic because of the low firing temperature of 650°C.
  2. ART CLAY 800 Silver SLOW Tarnish – clay, syringe and paste of fine silver. The products SLOW TARNISH contain, beside the silver particles, an addition of 1% of palladium. This metal addition reduces oxidising of the jewellery made by this material.
  3. Art Clay 950 Silver is is available only as clay. It has a silver portion similar to sterling silver and offers thus a higher scratch and breaking strength than other kinds of Art Clay silver clays.

Art Clay Gold is available as a clay and paste type. It is processed like the silver clay, but at other temperatures.

Art Clay Copper is the only available a clay type and was is the first non precious metal clay from Aida Chemicals

Prometheus Clays

The company Odak, Hobby & Craft Ltd offers metal clays and syringes of silver, bronze and copper. Since 2010 Akisa OHG is the official Importer this clays to germany.

In 2010 Prometheus Clays were with the first whose sinter process ran just as simple as known with Silberclay:

  • ready to use clay
  • Firing time: max 1 hour (some firing schedules today need more time again)
  • small shrinkage rate
  • no activated carbon needed

Since 2017 Prometheus Clays are available in silver, too. Prometheus 999 is a fine silver clay, Prometheus 950 a nearly sterling clay. Both available as clay, syringe and paste Odak, Hobby & Craft Ltd now offers a wide range of ready to use metal clays.


Metal Clay tools

Metal Clays would be hardly usable without some special tools. You maybe know some alike from the processing of the Polmer Clays, others are special for the needs of metal clay, syringes and pastes. Hence, in the Akisashop we offer you a wide assortment of the different tools for Metal Clay and on our websites for Art Clay and Prometheus Clays we show you how to use some of these tools.

Jewellery accessories in fine silver, silver 925, bronze & copper

Inalienably at the work with Metal Clays are suitable jewellery accessories like plugs eyes, brooch needles or bails from the suitable kind of metal: For ART CLAY accessories of fine silver, where the part is connected directly with the clay: plug eyes, findings or wire which is put in humid Clay fine silver is used. All the other parts are most of sterling silver, because this is more stable and long-lasting. For the clay of bronze and copper wires and jewellery versions from bronze are used.