Variojo – the simple way to make your ojo de Dios

variojo with a light blue ring in different coloures of blue - ojo de Dios

 Ojo de Dios are traditional charms from south america

Since 2007 variojo allows you to make ojo de Dios simple, quick and easy. Oho de Dios are a wonderful home accessories and quite durable garden decoration. Just connect the different pieces of wood together (maybe with some glue) and start winding: wool, raffia, organza ribbons or narrow strips of fabricyou can use al lot for your individual Variojo.

Tip: Paint the wooden bars of your Variojo in a matching colour (before winding). This works with wood colour pencils (in our Akisashop) or liquid water-based paints. As a Variojo works by the variety of his colours and materials!

Are you interested? If you want to create your own solar catcher for the garden or window decoration with Variojo see to find further information, tips and suggestions!

variojo assortment in the akisashop
  • the different wooden parts of the variojo system
  • Variojo craft sets with manual and material (raffia)
  • organza and other ribbons in various colours an sizes

The Variojo system of luck charms according to the model of the Ojo de Dios is like the Mobidai braiding  system for Kumihimo a development of DESICON H.J. Schwarz.