10 years Mobidai brading system for Kumihimo

Kumihimo with the Mobidai brading system – a modern hobby

10 years of Mobidai brading system



Did you know that the Mobidai brading system is exactly 10 years old? It startet in January 2006 when the patented Mobidai brading system was presented at the creative trade fairs in Munich and Frankfurt. And the presentation was a huge success. Braided cords and ribbons are as simple as counting. Always from a to b. Since then fans of the Japanese braiding technique Kumihimo have been enthusiastic about this system in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also in other European countries.

Since then, more than 650,000 Mobidai® brading discs have been sold. More than 30 different patterns for the round Mobidai itself show the creative power of Roswitha Schwarz and her daughter Miriam Süß. The basic sets and a part of the small Kumihimo books with pattern templates for the Mobidai braiding were also translated into other languages. Thus, Mobidai fans can also get printed instructions and some ideas in English, French, Italian, Spanish and even in Czech.

Today this braiding system consists of 3 different Kumihimo brading discs. The Mobidai for round and small flat patterns. The oval Mobidai XL Stretch for flat patterns with up to 6 cm. And the big round Mobidai SAN withe simple pattern discs withe symbols (for small children). And pattern discs in big printing an braille  – for people with eye problems,

The popularity of the most famous Kumihimo braid is unbroken even after 10 years.

We have been informing you since 2006 on our info page www.kumihimo.info about everything about the topic Kumihimo braiding with the Mobidai. There you will find a list of all books and sets for the Mobidai. In addition an up-to-date list of all patterns available on the market and information on braiding materials and accessories.

In the Akisashop you will get all Mobidai brading sets, braiding cords, end caps and much more for your personal Kumihimo charms and necklaces!

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