Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus – Origami in Silver

Folding origami in silver better than ever Recently on the market and now available in our Akisashop is the new Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus +. A paper-type extra for origami, the Japanese technique of paper folding. Art Clay Paper Type + is much thicker than normal Art Clay […]

Getting a mirror finished surface on copperclay

removal of the black to dark brown oxidation layer after firing of copper clay Getting a mirror finished surface on copperclay without activated carbon, sometimes that seems to be a contradiction in itself. Because copper and bronze clays, and other metal clays of “base metals”, often have one disadvantage compared […]

Prometheus Silver 999 products

Prometheus Silver 999 – the new fine silver clay

99,9 % silver from Prometheus Clays now available Fine silver modelilng clay is probably the most popular form of metal clay. Silverclay is easy to handle, can be fired without activated carbon and the precious metal silver is perhaps the most popular material for jewellery. Now on the market is […]

Prometheus Silver 950 Sterlingsilber Metal Clay - Jetzt im Akisashop!

New sterling silver product series Prometheus Silver 950

Prometheus Silver 950 – silver metal clay clay, syringe and paste Bronze and copper Prometheus Clays have been part of the Akisashop product range for years now. Now new are Prometheus silver metal clay. The first Prometheus silver clay is a kind of silver clay that other manufacturers do not […]

alte und neue Verpackung von Art Clay Silber 650 Modelliermasse im Vergleich

Art Clay Silver 650 – new packaging colour

The new packages of Art Clay Silver 650 are now silvercoloured Another small change in autumn 2016: There is a new packaging colour of Art Clay Silver 650!  The manufacturer Aida Chemicals Japan now delivers the Art Clay Silver 650 series in a new, modern packaging version: All packs are […]

Ka Jinker for last years Eve or carneval

Spice up your Halloween and carnival costumes with Ka-Jinker

Halloween and carnival costumes with Ka-Jinker are made even last minute Pimp your Halloween and carnival costumes with Ka-Jinker and save 30% on all consumables for the Ka-Jinker system between Halloween and Ash Wednesday. On Ash Wednesday everything is over! Also our best offers! Give your carnival costume an individual touch […]

weihanchtliches Variojo in rot und weiß

Christmas decoration with Variojo – get 30% discount

You never made your autumn or christmas decoration so fast: variojo is fast! Small Variojos at your Christmas tree – larger decoration in the room and or on the festive table. Wrap your own Christmas Variojo and design your unique Christmas decoration! And last but not least, a large Variojo […]

Art Clay silber 950 Modelliernmasse

Art Clay Silver 950 – nearly sterling silver

Aida Japan is launching a new modelling clay on the market these days. The new Art Clay Silver 950 clay is more stable and harder than the type Clay 650 and 800 series. This is achieved by a higher copper content in the mass. This consists of 90% silver / […]

Brand new: Prometheus Sunny Bronze

golden era now in bronze metal clay New Prometheus Sunny Bronze metal clay is here. The great golden colored bronze is quite easy to fire in one step as normal “brown” bronze” or as white bronze in two steps in the kiln with activated carbon. These are the new advantages […]

Wir feiern 10 Jahre Mobidai Flechten

10 years Mobidai brading system for Kumihimo

Kumihimo with the Mobidai brading system – a modern hobby   AMBERG – SINZING: Did you know that the Mobidai brading system is exactly 10 years old? It startet in January 2006 when the patented Mobidai brading system was presented at the creative trade fairs in Munich and Frankfurt. And the […]

art clay silver new paste - improved

The new Art Clay Silver 650 paste just arrived

Now even better and more versatile The new Art Clay Silver 650 paste is the product you have been waiting for for a long time. It combines the burning properties of Art Clay 650 and the properties of the Clay Oil Paste, which had to be fired at over 800 […]

Set für den Mobidai: Kumihimo in a box: Paracord

Mobidai brading: Kumihimo meets Paracord

The material Paracord used for the kumihimo technique This Paracord cords are bright colors and color mixes are ideal for trendy bracelets, key chains and belts! Paracord and Kumihimo are a perfect team! Good for braiding, trendy and versatile! This cords are bright colors and color mixes are ideal for […]