japanese silk for kumihimo with the mobidai brading disc

japanese silk for kumihimo - 13 coloures from producer Hamanaka
japanese silk for kumihimo

Genuine Japanese silk for Kumihimo is hard to obtain in Europe. And the traditional silk for Kumihimo makes it hard to work on the Mobidai braid. The threads are confusing again and again. They must always be laid flat. In the Akisashop we have now a special assortment in stock for you:

Japanese silk for Kumihimo ideal for working on the Mobidai braiding discs system

This silk is also sold in Japan for work on braided discs: the silk threads are 8 meters long and are similar to wool or pearl yarn combined into a strand. You can use the Kumihimoseide immediately: simply cut to the desired length and braid! The material is pleasantly soft and the silk is beautifully matt. Available in 13 colors from white to yellow – red – blue – green to black.

  • 100% kumihimo silk
  • 13 colours
  • Length 8 m
  • Diameter approx. 0.8 mm
  • drilled to strands that you can immediately use on your Kumihimo braiding disc or marudai: Simply cut the right lengths and braid.The silk is ideal to show off your favorite gemstone pendant or your Metal Clay jewelery.


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